"... the city of Pesaro that tower erected as a defense to that part of the territory, on the road leading to the mountain, which still exists ... with iron doors and all other marks as a place of strong defense .... "
Annibale Abbati Olivieri, 1778

Formed around the thirteenth century as a watchtower and later became the lighthouse showing the way to travelers night in Pesaro, since 1400 the Torraccia assumes characteristics of manor house.
At the rude character of the building is the setting for a garden full of trees surrounded by a series of stone walls that contain three terraces overlooking the panorama of the ideal city 'of the coast and the valley of the river Foglia.
The internal and external intervention ristrutturativo is immediately revealed as a happy architectural restoration operation.
Although 'the choice of materials has been carried out with full respect for tradition, such as the use of ancient terracotta floors and ceilings with exposed wood beams, the strict medieval volumes are softened by furnishings that create a warm and intimate atmosphere anywhere.